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The U.S House of Representative’s health plan — the American Health Care Act (AHCA) — would strain the state’s budget and undercut the state’s economy. The bill would also effectively deny children and low-income seniors access to affordable health care coverage under Medicaid. Nationally, the AHCA would cut Medicaid by $839 billion over the next decade and cap its financing structure. Read more...
Press Release
“Florida residents deserved more from the Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget agreement released by the Florida Legislature this afternoon. Notably, per-pupil funding in K-12 is at a level lower — in real terms — than it was a decade ago, lawmakers failed to expand Medicaid to the more than 500,000 Floridians in the health care coverage gap (who are among the 2.6 million uninsured Floridians) and lawmakers raided the Sadowski Housing Trust Fund, diverting more than $150 million to be used for purposes other than affordable housing. “In terms of the tax cut package, history tells us that the reductions in taxes on profitable business do not drive real economic growth. Read more...
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The Florida Hospital Association's "Some Cuts Won't Heal" project features video testimonials from patients (and their loved ones), medical practitioners and other health professionals on the importance of Medicaid in providing access to life-saving (and life-changing) treatment. Read more...
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The following op-ed authored by Mireya Eavey, Sarasota area president of United Way Suncoast, and Joe Pennisi, executive director of the Florida Policy Institute, appeared in the Herald-Tribune on February 20, 2017: “Imagine finding an unexpected letter from the Internal Revenue Service in your mailbox stating that you owe them thousands of dollars. Read more...