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Policy Brief
Year after year, the Florida legislative debate rages on: how to best use Medicaid dollars to reimburse hospitals serving Medicaid recipients. This is an arcane subject built on historical funding formulas largely undecipherable by the public. Read more...
Legislative Update
The increase in the governor’s budget for the DOC is mainly seen in specialty correctional institutions, health services, adult male custody operations and basic education skills programs. Equally significant is the proposed increase for salaries and benefits for most security and institutional operations programs. Read more...
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Adding this provision to the constitution would severely limit Florida's ability to invest in public education, mental health care, affordable housing, roads and bridges, parks, beaches and workforce training programs. Read more...
Benchmarking Florida
Florida spends less on public services than any other state, as measured by recent Kaiser Family Foundation data on total state expenditures per capita. The Sunshine State spends $3,509 per capita, which is 13 percent less than Missouri, the second-lowest ranked state in this category. Read more...