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Fact Sheet
The Florida Policy Institute has compiled county-level fact sheets that highlight the importance of Medicaid to local residents and key health care indicators that would likely worsen if counties are faced with capped Medicaid funding and cuts. Read more...
Policy Brief
The Dream Act would boost Florida’s economy and tax revenues, with the Center for American Progress estimating that the state GDP would see a long-term annual increase of $1.2 billion. Terminating DACA, on the other hand, will lead to economic disruption and lost revenue. Read more...
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While the federal government has authorized total funding of $1.5 billion for Florida’s uncompensated care pool, the state is unable to generate the required match to draw down all available federal funds. Read more...
In September, we sounded the alarm that federal funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) was about to expire. Now, more than two months later, there still has been no action from Congress. This ongoing delay in funding is putting thousands of Florida families at risk and on edge. Read more...