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The Florida Senate budget proposal — while better than the House’s budget — fails to provide sufficient support for Florida’s growing population. Proposed investments in higher education and the environment are high points of this proposal. Read more...
The Florida House of Representatives began constructing the budget for 2017-18 under the presumption that the need for state services would exceed available funding in the following fiscal year. Accordingly, the House took a two-pronged approach to reducing its budget. First, it tightened the belts of state agencies. Since these agencies have not completely recovered from budget cuts during the recent recession, these cuts are a move in the wrong direction. Second, House leadership imposed fiscal discipline on representatives’ individual budget requests. Read more...
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The following op-ed authored by Mireya Eavey, Sarasota area president of United Way Suncoast, and Joe Pennisi, executive director of the Florida Policy Institute, appeared in the Herald-Tribune on February 20, 2017: “Imagine finding an unexpected letter from the Internal Revenue Service in your mailbox stating that you owe them thousands of dollars. Read more...
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The Florida Policy Institute (FPI) was featured in an Orlando Sentinel article, authored by Naseem Miller, which centered on FPI’s goal of urging long-term public investment to bring widespread prosperity to Florida. In “Florida Policy Institute eyes ‘long-term’ impact on state’s residents,” Miller writes: “The independent, nonpartisan nonprofit aims to ‘bring a voice that has not been heard enough in the state of Florida,’ said Joseph Pennisi, executive director of the institute, which is in Lake Mary. Read more...