The Institute’s staff is made up of issue area experts who are available as panelists or guest speakers for annual meetings, roundtables or other events! Below is information on issue areas and publications of note; for more background information visit FPI’s staff page.

Joseph F. Pennisi, Executive Director
State budget, taxes and finance, revenue

Publications of note:
Mireya Eavey and Joe Pennisi: Tax assistance program and tax credits boost economy (Herald- Tribune)
Florida’s spending demands closer look (Miami Herald)
Congress needs to expand Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (Sun-Sentinel)

Terry Golden, Policy Director
K-12, higher education, workforce development, affordable housing

Publications of note:
Budget Negotiation Transparency? Lots of Clouds, Little to No Sunshine (May 2017)
Sunshine is a Poor Substitute for Opportunity: Cost of Living in Florida Puts Fiscal Burden on Struggling ALICE Families (February 2017)
Insufficient Affordable Housing Limits Florida’s Economic Potential (August 2016)

Esubalew Dadi, Policy Analyst
Health care, human services, poverty, criminal justice

Publications of note:
Federal Medicaid “Per Capita Caps” Would Trigger Significant Cuts to Health Care Services for Low-Income Children, Women, Seniors and People with Disabilities and Shift Billions in Costs to Florida (August 2017)
TANF at 20 in Florida: The Promise of Helping Poor Families Transition from Welfare to Work Has Not Been Fulfilled (July 2017)
Community-Based Treatment More Effective, Less Expensive than Incarceration for Youth Offenders (February 2017)

Dhanraj Singh, Policy Analyst
Taxation, economic development, jobs and income

Publications of note:
Recovery or Bust: 44 Percent of Florida’s Households Cannot Afford Basic Expenses (May 2017)
Florida’s ‘Shadow Budget’ Increases Spending on Tax Expenditures by $2 Billion (March 2017)
What’s Keeping Florida From Investing in Needed Services? (March 2017)

Anne Swerlick, Health Policy Analyst
Health care, Medicaid program, CHIP

Publications of note:
More than 200,000 Black and Hispanic Children in Florida Would No Longer be Eligible for Medicaid Under Proposed Federal Cuts (June 2017)
Resuscitating the Low Income Pool: Good in the Short Term but No Substitute for Coverage (April 2017)
Debunking the Myths in House Memorial 7033, An Unjustified Requiem for Medicaid (March 2017)