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Access to affordable and timely healthcare can prevent disease and lead to healthier kids and families, and lower expenses in emergency care and chronic disease treatment. In a state like Florida with a growing population of both young and old, healthcare is one of the backbones of Florida’s economy. A healthy work force is a key point of attraction for investors and ensuring a sustainable development in the state.
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Policy Brief
The Florida House passed House Bill (HB) 7117, which would require able-bodied adult Medicaid recipients to work or look for work. Such requirements would put thousands of Florida families at risk of losing Medicaid coverage. Anne Swerlick April 2017 Most adult, non-disabled Medicaid beneficiaries work or live in working families.[1]  Those who don’t work face significant health challenges (e.g., cancer, mental illness) or family caregiving responsibilities. Such circumstances limit their ability to work or reduce their ability to compete for jobs.[2]  Taking away these participants’ health coverage will decrease their prospects for future employment.[3] The experience of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program (TANF), which includes cash assistance for families in deep poverty, gives us a preview.[4]  Already-struggling families would lose Medicaid coverage because one or both adults are unable to work or face major barriers to finding and retaining employment. Read more...
The House proposes a reduction of nursing home patients’ monthly personal needs allowance-funds that significantly improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable Floridians. Read more...
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January 22, 2016 Medicaid expansion would make health coverage available to 873,000 low-and-middle income Floridians who are currently uninsured and underinsured, while bringing fiscal benefits to the state. If Florida accepts Medicaid expansion, the state’s share of Medicaid spending would go down, increasing savings, and the expansion would serve as a source of revenue. Read more...
Fact Sheet
Nearly 2 out of every ten people in Florida benefit from Medicaid, as do four out of every five poor kids. Read more...