Education plays a crucial role in Florida’s economy. Schools provide structured instruction that is intended to prepare students equally to enter college or the workforce. Colleges and universities provide specialized and basic studies, as well as fostering research that creates new business ventures. Education is the pivot point in the development and execution of Florida’s evolving knowledge economy.

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Florida does not compare well to other states in key factors that affect the teaching profession. State policymakers can take action to improve compensation and mobility that would enable it to attract and retain high-performing teachers. Read more...
With less than one week remaining in the 2017 Legislative Session, many budget and policy decisions are unresolved. Funding for public schools is not one of those decisions. Once again, public schools are not winners in the state funding derby. Read more...
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Quality Counts, an annual report by Education Week and Editorial Partners in Education, compares state public schools on a variety of factors. Florida excels in issues related to equity, falls across a broad spectrum in student achievement, and fares poorly in school funding. Read more...