Florida Report Card: Florida Needs to Go Back To School

Our Florida Report Card scores Florida in some important performance areas, from education to poverty. Grades are determined from the state’s ranking in the context of all 50 states. Each line of the report card links to one of our benchmarking pieces that explains the measurement area and its implications for the people of Florida. If there’s an area you’d like to see added to our report card, please contact us.

Measurement Area

Ranking out of 50 States

Letter Grade*

Child Poverty 36 D
Health and Well-Being of Girls 39 D
Poverty Rate 34 D
Infrastructure Spending 23 C
Provision of Mental Health Services 50 F
Incarceration Rate 39 D
Tax Fairness 49 F
Financial Health 12 B
National Rankings for Public Schools 29 C
Graduation Rate 43  F
Per Pupil Expenditures 39 D
Attracting and Retaining Teachers  47 F
Support for Public Services 50 F
Income Gap 47 F
Economy 4 A
Health Insurance Coverage 46 F
Affordable & Available Housing 49 F
Innovation Index  34 D
Average of All Rankings 37.2 D


Grades were determined by ranking Florida against the 50 states.


1-10 would be awarded an “A,” 11-20 a “B,” 21-30 a “C,” 31-40 a “D,” and 41-50 an “F.”

As we gather more information, we will continue to update our report card.