Florida ranks 50th in the nation for investment in public services

The state continues to underinvest in areas like education, health care and affordable housing.

Sonia Lindell
February 2018

Florida spends less on public services than any other state, as measured by recent Kaiser Family Foundation data on total state expenditures per capita.[1] The Sunshine State spends $3,509 per capita, which is 13 percent less than Missouri, the second-lowest ranked state in this category.

The chart below compares per-capita state investment in Florida, the U.S. and Alaska, which ranks 1st in the nation. Florida invests 48 percent less than the national average.

Currently, Florida ranks worse than the national average among multiple indicators generally tied to health and well-being, including poverty rate, child poverty rate, availability of affordable housing and rate of insured residents. State lawmakers need to make meaningful investments in public services in order for Sunshine State families to thrive.

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