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January 31st, 2017
The Governor has billed his 2017-18 budget recommendation as the “Fighting for Florida’s Future Budget”.  However, with its emphasis on more tax reductions and subsidies to profitable businesses, the proposal misses opportunities to make greater strategic investments in areas that will drive widespread economic growth. It also further reduces ongoing...
January 6th, 2017
Esubalew Dadi January 2017 Racial equity should be at the heart of public policy design, deliberation and decision-making in order to effectively address our nation’s pervasive wealth and opportunity gap. This gap applies above all to households of color, according to a new report from the Institute on Asset and...
December 13th, 2016
  Repeal of the federal Affordable Care Act would almost double the number of Floridians without health care coverage. More than two million Floridians would lose their current coverage. Moreover, the repeal is projected to increase state demand for uncompensated care by $3.6 billion over the following seven years. Esubalew...
October 31st, 2016
The rate of uninsured children across the US saw the largest decline on record from 2013 to 2015, according to a new report from the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families (CCF).1 In Florida, the number of uninsured children decreased by 161,000 children (almost 38 percent).
April 12th, 2016
Florida has restrictive Medicaid eligibility requirements as measured by the federal poverty level.
April 12th, 2016
Florida is losing money every day that it continues to fail to close the healthcare coverage gap.
April 11th, 2016
Studies show that affordable health care delivers value to individuals and communities. Florida could increase the number of people with access to affordable health care by expanding Medicaid.
April 11th, 2016
54,600 military veterans and their spouses in Florida could get quality, affordable health care if Florida expanded Medicaid.
April 11th, 2016
Minorities make up almost two thirds of Florida's uninsured population, but less than half of the general population.
April 8th, 2016
New Federal resources would bring new jobs and revenues to the state.
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