Benchmarking Florida
November 13th, 2017
Florida earned a relatively high score for its density of technology companies, ranking 11th, but scored poorly in productivity and STEM concentration, ranking in the bottom-fifth of states along both measures.
October 10th, 2017
Florida does not compare well to other states in key factors that affect the teaching profession.
September 26th, 2017
Florida ranks 12th in the nation and receives an overall grade of “C.” In 2016, the state finances slid further into the red with total assets available for paying debts of $61.4 billion, compared to total debts of $71.3 billion, leaving the state with excess debts of almost $10 billion.
August 10th, 2017
A new report from the Girl Scouts, The State of Girls 2017, ranked the overall health and well-being of Florida’s girls (aged 5-17) 39th of the 50 states. This overall ranking is worse than it was a decade ago. In 2007, Florida ranked 36th. The ranking considered 13 national measures of girls’ well-being, focused on five indicators: education, extra-curricular activities, physical health and safety, emotional health and economic well-being.
July 31st, 2017
A new report from the AARP foundation and partners, Picking Up the Pace of Change, 2017: A State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Adults, People with Disabilities, and Family Caregivers, ranks the overall performance of Florida’s Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) as 46th in the nation. Washington leads the nation with the highest overall performance of its LTSS system, while Indiana ranks 50th.
March 17th, 2017
Florida ranks 11th in the nation for its “state of well-being,” according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. The state’s well-being index score of 63.1 is higher than the national average of 62.1. All aspects of the state’s well-being improved over 2015 figures.   Dhanraj Singh March 2016 The State of American...
March 6th, 2017
Florida‘s rate of adult incarceration places it at 39th among the states, putting it above the national average. The number of people confined in prison and the fast growth rate of people sent to prison will exact a significant social and economic cost to the state. Esubalew Dadi March 2017...
March 6th, 2017
With 13.3 percent of Floridians lacking health insurance, Florida ranked near the bottom of the list for its rate of insured residents in 2015 (the most recent year for which data is available). Florida’s uninsured rate significantly exceeds the national average of 9.4 percent.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is...
February 20th, 2017
Florida ranks 36th out of the 50 states in its support for public health. Strategic and strong investment in the state’s public health system is a commonsense approach to improving the health and well-being of Floridians and ensuring continued economic growth and prosperity. Esubalew Dadi February 2017 According to the...
February 16th, 2017
Florida’s support for mental health services falls at the bottom of the list in a ranking of all the states. Additionally, Florida has the third highest percentage of mentally ill persons who are also uninsured. The state must do more to meet the mental health needs of its people. Esubalew...
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